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The 90 people who have attended the South Island leg of the Six Figure Farming NZ Tour workshops have been sending back abundant feedback that the workshops are hitting the spot!

The business side of the farming was incredibly relevant and important. The presenters were very approachable and focused on content. Excellent!
~ Dell

It was an extremely practical, candid and generous seminar. It covered both the farming and business aspects very well. Images used were helpful. It was coherent and very satisfying.

We’ve got their books and have gone over them numerous times (which is great) but having them there presenting the information bought everything to life. The energy that we got from the live workshops gives you something that you just can’t get out of a book or video!! I like the fact that they’ve stripped everything back to the bare bones so that newbies, like us, are not under any illusions – and know the tools we need to make it run as a business. The value that we took away from the course far outweighed the cost!
~ Toni and Brendan

Easy and Enjoyable to listen to. Inspirational and motivating. So many tips and shortcuts to make life simpler and quicker when gardening/farming. Heaps of back up info available e.g. books, videos on youtube and the memory stick with more info on it.
~ Jane

Practical useful info with opportunity to get involved in a ongoing network of similar minded folks… great food and venue as well!
~ Gabe

The talks were extremely informative. These guys really know their stuff, which in turn helps people like me (aspiring farmers) to get an upper hand when we start out. When i first saw that the tour was happening, I couldn’t believe my luck that I’d get to meet these guys. Some of the systems they had in place at their farms were so simple, yet massively effective.
~ Mark

Now onto the North Island – Taranaki, Thames, Matakana and Auckland. Book Now.

D02 JM and screenJust leaving the south island today, heading towards Taranaki.

So far, this trip has been really amazing. We’ve met such big-hearted people and the landscapes are beautiful. So much potential for small-scale farming !

Really happy and excited to be sharing what we do and what we’ve learned on our small farm. Hopefully some of it can influence things over here!

Keep on trucking!

Jean-Martin Fortier

My slide stack can be seen in the Resources page.


E01 Curtis stating ChCh workshopIt’s been inspiring to see how many New Zealanders are interested in commercial market gardening.

People here seem very motivated and capable of actually changing their food system for real.

It gives me hope that a country this size, has such a high amount of people engaged and ready for action.

It looks like small farming is going to make big changes in NZ.

Curtis Stone

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There are still places available at the Thames, Matakana and Auckland workshops, but get in quick to avoid being disappointed.

Some videos we’ve been making on the road…

Vid DunnersCurtis in Dunedin

Vid ChCh

Curtis in Christchurch – Lawn to Farm

Vid Nelson

Curtis in Nelson


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