Pay for your workshop with Bitcoin

As we rebuild our local food system through urban farming and direct to customer sales, the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seems timely as it can facilitate small transactions, easily and its miniscule transaction fees can essentially be ignored.

If you haven’t yet looked into this disruptive technology, it might be time to do so. There is of course, no guarantee that Bitcoins will still be here in ten years time, but it seems highly likely. Despite some bumps in the road the use of Bitcoins to transfer value appears to be getting stronger.

In case you’re thinking of getting started with Bitcoins, you should know that while you can easily setup a wallet on the process of buying them in NZ is harder than in some other countries.

But if you’re one of a growing number of early adopters with some coins already, and would like to pay for a workshop in part or in full, with Bitcoin, let me know and we’ll make it happen. The number of places one can purchase with Bitcoin increases daily and I’d love to add a few more to my digital wallet.

James – 021 252 0653

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