Jodi Roebuck on Waiheke (May 7/8)

Hot on the heels of his Australia workshops, Jodi is running a weekend Bio-Intensive workshop on Waiheke for a limited number of participants. He will be here on May 7th and 8th (just three weeks away).

I first met Jodi last year, at James Cameron’s 50 acre food forest in the Wairarapa, while touring with Stefan Sobkowiak on the Beyond Organic NZ Tour. What a delight to be able to spend time with him, as he hosted the Taranaki workshop with Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier this year.

Jodi Roebuck - 1Jodi knows Bio-Intensive and he knows soil and plants. He studied with John Jeavons and has applied that learning on his own property in Taranaki, with amazing results!

In one of the first videos I saw of Jodi, he loosens the soil (that was originally sandstone/clay) and then thrusts his arm into it, up to his elbow!

Here’s an interview by Curtis Stone, talking about the tools and some of his techniques, and showing the result of his work and attention to the health and well-being of the soil.

If (to borrow the title of John Jeavon’s book), you want to learn How To Grow More Vegetables, than you ever thought possible, on less land than you can imagine, then get along to Jodi’s workshop on May 7th and 8th on Waiheke Island.

Collage of Garden Tools Plants

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