Earn a good living farming . . .

I want to teach you how I earn $75k per year as an Urban Farmer.

All on ⅓ of an acre.
On land I don’t own.

Nope. Not at all.
And here’s the best part. You can do it, too.

My name is Curtis Stone
and I am here to teach you how to become a successful Urban Farmer
with my step-by-step Profitable Urban Farming course.


Did that get your attention?

The message of profitable urban farming got mine when Curtis Stone and I had a chat on Skype at the end of January. The more I learnt about what he and Jean-Martin are doing, the more respect I have for the critical parts they’re playing in helping rebuild the local food system.

When something can offer you a fair livelihood and so many other benefits, then it can scale – easily and rapidly – and I sense this is part of the mission of these Urban Farmers.

About_the_Course - Urban farming isnt just about the money

On Facebook on Thursday, Curtis invited people to a FREE virtual tour of Green City Acres’ 5 urban farm plots. I look forward to taking a virtual walk around at 12 Noon on Monday 20th (NZ Time). If you sign up you’ll get the link to the tour, and a very personable email with a link to the first of three videos. In it Curtis begins to explain just what it means to be an urban farmer.

The video is a lead-in to the virtual tour, and is hosted on the site for his Profitable Urban Farming course. If you click to learn more about the course, you’ll find it amply introduced in one of the most extensive long-form sales letters I’ve ever seen.

I’m looking forward to seeing these two in the flesh and blood NZ Tour in February 2016.

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  1. Jo Moriarty

    Looking forward to more info. Did a Certificate of Permaculture course recently and having a small holding I am very interested.

  2. April LUCHETTA

    Its really inspiring to see people with a positive purpose and with a gift they are willing to share , that inspire others ..
    My husband and I live on an island off PNG called Bougainville everything here is organic and is grown in the villages , unfortunately there’s not a real lot of variety .
    I have a small garden and squeeze as much as I can into it I’ve introduced a lot a veggies and I now am able to share my seeds with the locals ..
    Great to read about your story keep up the good work

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