Pay for your workshop with Bitcoin

If you’re one of a growing number of early adopters with some coins already, and would like to pay for a workshop in part or in full, with Bitcoin, let me know and we’ll make it happen.

Tour event details

This post will be regularly updated, with the latest information on the individual workshops and public events. If you’re after some company on a road trip, post your need or your offer on the Urban Farming NZ Facebook group (link below).

Feeding the Urban Farmers

I had the pleasure of speaking with Linda of Earth Heart Nourishment recently, about catering for the one-day workshop in Nelson on Feb 9th with Curtis Stone. We hit it off and were so clearly coming from the same understanding of how we want to feed our visiting and future urban farmers. We agreed on the principle of sourcing the food …

Why the Six Figure Farming NZ Tour

If small-scale intensive, locally focussed systems that grow food naturally, can be shown to provide a healthy profit for the growers, then they can scale infinitely, not by each grower taking on more land and producing more, but by more farmers embracing the opportunity.

The last 2-day workshop of the tour

I posted a note on the Pakaraka Permaculture Facebook page this week, asking if they are ready to receive the influx of people who will be coming for the last two-day workshop of the tour. They said “We’re ready”. This will be the last two-day workshop with Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone, and what a beautiful venue for it! Yotam and Niva have been …

A video call with JM and Curtis

Jean-Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Bailey Peryman and I had some juicy conversation this week, around the February Six Figure Farming NZ Tour workshops. If the messages in this video resonate with you, get in touch, ask some questions, share it with your friends, visit the website and sign up for one of the workshops. James 021 252 0653  

Next generation of NZ Farmers

Meet the next generation of NZ farmers from all around the country, leading the way towards profitable small-scale intensive, diverse and local food production.

Virtual Tour of Curtis’ 1/3 acre Farm

Curtis is very open with his numbers, and he makes it clear “We want to reshape the food system”. While urban farming is hard work, focussing on fast growing annuals is a great way to get quick cash flow and build the business out of operational profits, without taking on the burden of paying back investment money.

Earn a good living farming . . .

I want to teach you how I earn $75k per year as an Urban Farmer. All on ⅓ of an acre. On land I don’t own. Impossible? Nope. Not at all. And here’s the best part. You can do it, too. (An intro to the July 20th webinar)

Six Figure Farming – a reality

Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier, are two of the leading lights in the urban farming movement. A NZ Tour is being planned through the month of February (2016).