Ben and Mel from Little Creek Farm

LittleCreekFarmBen and Mel run Little Creek Farm a small market garden (about 1/5 acre) on the Awaawaroa Eco Village on Waiheke island. The family will be coming to the Thames workshop on Feb 20th – 21st.

After seeing them pop up on our community Facebook pages, posting pictures of and promoting their beautiful vege boxes, I wanted to see their farm. I dropped by this morning and after a cup of tea and much excited conversation about the upcoming workshops, we went out into the gardens.

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They have better soil than most of Waiheke and with ample mulch and a wet and warm summer (to date) the need to water hasn’t been too great but the produce looks fabulous.

We talked about how they would keep the fertility up in the coming years, this is only their second year of growing on this site, after removing massive volumes of Kikuyu (good mulch after its dried). Mel told me they intend to buy in a commercial organic compost, so as not to overwhelm them with the need to take on that not-insignificant task.

We also spoke about marketing and while the suggestions they had read about putting in an hour a day on social media, their experience was that one post (see the picture of their vege and eggs above) on the Waiheke Community Notice Board (a Facebook group with 5,000 members) had them sold out in about 10 minutes, with ample repeat sales from those customers.

I’m looking forward to the many conversations that will take place at the workshops, the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and the formation of growers circles that can support the growing community of urban farmers across the country, beyond the three week Six Figure Farming NZ Tour.

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