Urban Farming Workshops


Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone, two of the leading lights in the urban farming movement, are in New Zealand from Feb 4th to 24th.

All workshops will run from 9am till 5pm

Two Day Workshops

Christchurch  •  Sat 6th / Sun 7th (TBC)
Taranaki  •  Sat 13th / Sun 14th (Jodi Roebuck’s Farm)
Thames  •  Sat 20th / Sun 21st (Yotam Kay’s farm, Kauaeranga)

The two day workshops will be run by both Jean-Martin Fortier + Curtis Stone – two world-class growers, who work small-scale farms and produce outstanding food for their communities while making a profitable livelihood.

They will lead one day each and you’re welcome to book for a single day if limited by finances or schedule. Jean-Martin will take most of the first day and Curtis the second. Read more about these Rockstar Market Gardeners below.

You will learn the inner workings of small-plot growing and discover how urban micro-farming can be a profitable enterprise while regenerating the land and your local food system.

Both growers will share the design and workings of their individual enterprises – both the production and the business – with insights and knowledge that has been hard won, but ready for you to take and implement.

One Day Workshops

Dunedin  •  Thu 4th (Malcam Trust Jubilee Park)
Nelson  •  Tue 9th (Fairfield House)
Matakana  •  Mon 22nd (Whangateau Hall)

The one day workshops will be run by Curtis Stone.

Introductory Talks

Christchurch  •  Fri 5th (Halswell Community Centre)
Nelson  •  Mon 8th (Fairfield House) Curtis only
Taranaki  •  Fri 12th (Omata school Hall)

These Talks in Christchurch, Nelson and Taranaki do not need to be booked, but we would appreciate a $20 contribution at the door and be assured you will receive that value and more (if you are already booked at a workshop no donation is expected). With the exception of Nelson, both Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone will present at these public events.


This tour is over, but there will be more.
So signup and stay in touch with what’s coming next.


Explore the details of successful small-plot grower Jean-Martin Fortier’s extraordinary market gardening enterprise, for insights on how to build your own.

Known for his comprehensive and much admired book ‘the Market Gardener’, Jean-Martin is well known for his family’s ability to successfully create a six-figure income from under two acres of organic vegetables, farmed by hand in Quebec.


Learn more . . . 


A day discovering profitable, small-plot urban farming with Curtis Stone, farmer and founder of Green City Acres in Canada.

Specialising in multiple site farming (backyards, front yards, spare lots) within the one enterprise, the Green City Acres model proves that urban farming CAN create a profitable livelihood, if the enterprise is designed well.


Learn more


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Comments 32

  1. Lionel Hotene

    We have a small garden here in South Auckland and we feed the less fortunate for free .. We run horticultures courses Level 1and 2 with a Education institute..
    Our main crop we grow is the Kumara sweet potato..we are always looking forward to building economy within our family.. kia Ora.

    1. James in NZ

      Feel free to call me to see what opportunities exist to attend and learn from these rockstar market gardeners. James 021 252 0653

    2. Kathryn Christensen

      Hi Lionel, very interested to see you run horticulture courses, my husband is looking to start a community garden with youth and unemployedpeople this coming year, he would love to know more about how you do things. We have lots of support from community groups and would like to get people qualifications if they want them.
      thanks Kathryn

    1. James in NZ

      Just today, I confirmed it will be at the Whangateau Hall, five minutes from Matakana, 15 mins from Warkworth. I hope you can make it.

  2. Thelma

    If I attend the 2 day workshop in Thames, will the day in Matakana be a repeat or is it different and also interesting to attend?

    1. Post
      James in NZ

      Hi Kathryn, the closest that we can offer is with Yotam Kay in the Kauaeranga Valley.

      A nearby swimming hole
      Camping options by the river are on offer, as well as some of the lovely holiday accommodation options around the area.

      Jean-Martin Fortier is here with family and is wanting a holiday more than a tour, but he has agreed to do three workshops with Curtis Stone, and this is the one closest to you.

      I hope you can make this work.

      1. Post
  3. Kirsten Seaver

    Hi James, Curtis. Jean-Martin and Jodi
    Please book me in for the Taranaki 2-day workshop at Jodi’s farm on Feb 13th and 14th.
    Just rescheduling my flights from Melbourne and will confirm with payment by Fri 13th Nov.
    Cheers Kirsten

    1. Post
    1. Post
      James in NZ

      Hi Jill, JM is in NZ with family having some R&R and is only available for three of the six workshops (Christchurch, Taranaki and Thames). This is a one day event with Curtis Stone, who is a leader in this field of small-scale intensive and profitable urban farming. Curtis and Jean-Martin Fortier have been sharing their knowledge and experience for years. The workshop is going to be held at Fairfield House in Nelson.

  4. Emma

    Hi there,

    Trying to figure out if I need wheels for this – to decide if I drive, try to get a car pool going, or take the bus to the 2 day workshop. Can you tell me what is the closet town and approx distance to Jodi Roebuck’s Farm, Taranaki? I’m heading up from Wellington.


    1. Post
  5. Stefan Sobkowiak

    Well done James. Great progress, nice to see a couple of events sold out 2 month before the start. Anyone thinking of attending better not snooze or they’ll lose their chance. Curtis and JM are going to love their time in NZ.

    1. Post
      James in NZ

      Les than one year after your extensive tour – this one is certainly capturing serious interest. Thank you for your encouragement and contribution!

  6. Bonnie

    Seems such a shame there’s nothing in Northland. We have great growing conditions up here in Kerikeri and I’m sure there would be a lot of interest.

  7. Stephanie

    Hey James.. Is there a talk in Thames or somewhere in the north, further north than taranaki ? I’d love to do a practical day with the boys but currently cannot afford it. If there is an opportunity to trade my time in some way that would be great. Regardless I would love to attend a talk but am not sure if they are holding one in Thames. Thank you.

    1. Post
      James in NZ

      Hi Stephanie – the last public talk is in Taranaki – then it’s workshops in Thames, Matakana and Auckland. I’ll get in touch to see what else is possible.

  8. Judy woledge

    Hi just listened to your radio chat
    Was interesting
    It’s a shame you are not coming to Marlborough
    If you have the chance to come to Picton I would love to meet you and have you visit my gardens
    We are called Enigma Organics you can look us up on FB
    Kind regards

    1. Post
  9. Sharron Tan

    Hi there,

    I only found out about this tour now, so won’t able to make any of them which is a shame.

    Is there any chance that I can buy the Urban Farming book? Many thanks.

    Kind regards

  10. Heather Lyall

    Hi James,

    I am a co-ordinator of a not for profit voluntary community development sustainable food project. Jennifer Keer suggested I could get in contact and see if myself and the other co-ordinator could potentially attend Wednesdays course in Mangere for a koha.

    We currently are setting up neighbourhood orchards on people front lawns where there is no fencing so that neighbours can share produce freely and have planted a fruit orchard in a local park. We are interested in sustainable local free food for communities at a development level but both are interested in the potential of community run gardens that can provide income for people in our community who struggle to make ends meet.

    Is this a possibility? Thanks heaps, warm regards, Heather Lyall

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